From selection to delivery

What Makes Us Unique
We developed Bergamotte with a clear goal in mind - to offer our customers amazing service and an unbeatable selection of top-quality plants. To achieve this goal, we've developed our own unique approach to sourcing, selecting and delivering plants.
Here's how we do it:


Rather than offer hundreds of plants at a time, we prefer to keep our collections small. This lets us focus on bringing you the best of the best from the world of plants: unique, rare varieties that are easy to care for. Each plant also receives expert care before being sent to its new owner, both in the fields and in our workshops.

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Do your plants come from a trustworthy supplier?
We choose our suppliers very carefully, working in a direct relationship with them. We avoid intermediaries as much as possible, which ensures stability in the supply chain and creates a virtuous circle, as well as enabling us to source top-quality plants and offer our customers the best prices. We only work with suppliers who have environmental and social certifications such as MPS, Fair Flowers Fair Plants, ETI and more.
What's so special about your plants?
From palm trees to hanging plants, from spiny cacti to delicate succulents, we are constantly on the lookout for unique, unexpected plant varieties. But all of our plants, regardless of their type, are one of a kind - no two plants have the same shape, colour, size, number of leaves, etc. To dress up your new housemate, we also offer a selection of pots created by talented designers.
Will my plant arrive in good condition?
Our plant experts care for your plants while they're in our workshop, and send them off to their new homes in custom boxes that have been specially designed to keep them from moving around during their journey, so they arrive in great shape!
Are your plants easy to care for?
For many of us, caring for a plant seems about as easy as quantum physics. But don't worry, our plants are perfect for beginner gardeners! You'll also receive our plant care guide by email, with information about sun exposure, watering, and everything else you need to know to care for your new friend. Our experts are also here to answer any questions you might have, and offer tips along the way!
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