What are your delivery times?

We deliver from Tuesday to Friday, between 8:00 and 20:00. Hermes and DHL, our delivery partners, deliver anywhere in Germany in 2 hour time slots, which are communicated to the recipient the morning of the requested delivery date.

Can you deliver at a specific time or reduce the delivery time slot?

Unfortunately, no. Your delivery may take place at the very beginning or the very end of the delivery time slot. We are also unable to know in advance what time your parcel will be delivered. Our delivery providers organize their routes at the last minute in order to optimize their delivery process and make deliveries to a large number of clients within a limited period of time.

How much does delivery cost?

We have decided to cover the majority of the delivery cost, so we can offer deliveries at a fixed cost of €5.90 for plants up to 120 cm, or €8.90 for large plants over 120 cm.

Will you call the recipient before the delivery is made?

As we deliver a large number of orders every day, it is unfortunately not possible for us to contact each of our clients before the delivery takes place. We assume that your recipient will be available during the time slot that you have provided, so our delivery providers will only contact them upon arrival if there is a problem with the delivery. The text message that is sent to your recipient when their order is being prepared is our only communication with them.

Why do you send a text message to the order recipient?

We send these messages to reduce the risk of missed deliveries. The recipient of your order will receive a text message as soon as your order is ready for delivery (as long as you provided their mobile phone number, of course!) This message lets them know that you've sent a surprise, and they should be available at a specific time to receive it. If they will not be available at that time, they can get in touch with you to let you know. The message does not mention Bergamotte, nor the item(s) that were sent - they'll only receive the date, location and delivery time slot, as well as your first and last name (so the message is not mistaken for spam).

Can I change my delivery address after my order has been placed?

If you have not yet received an email confirming that your order is being prepared, you can contact our customer service team to change the delivery address. Once the order has been prepared, the address can no longer be changed. If the delivery is in progress, you'll need to contact our delivery providers to request a change of address, which may result in the delivery being rescheduled to the next business day.

Do you deliver to my city?

We deliver everywhere in Germany, with the exception of places that our delivery partner has defined as remote areas. Take a look at our Delivery page to see the different delivery options that are available.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

Not at the moment, but we're working with our delivery partners to offer this delivery option as soon as possible!

How is my parcel delivered?

In Germany, your parcel we be delivered by our delivery partners on the date that you selected while placing your order. Our plants are delivered in packaging that has been specially designed to keep them safe and healthy during transport. For more information, see our Delivery page.

How will my plant stay healthy during transport?

To ensure that your plant arrives in perfect condition, we have created custom packaging that was specially designed for the modes of transport used by our delivery providers.

What is the cutoff time for next-day delivery?

Orders can be placed until 9:45 for next-day delivery to anywhere in Germany. Please note that an additional day may be necessary if your order includes a very large plant (+1.20m).

Does the recipient need to be present for the delivery?

It is best if the recipient can be present when their plant is delivered. If this is not possible, select a back-up option in the “in case of absence” section of the delivery form (such as leaving the package with a concierge or neighbour or leaving it on the doorstep.)

The recipient wasn't available to receive their parcel, what happens now?

If the recipient is absent, the delivery person will not attempt the delivery a second time on the same day. If you have selected “Leave parcel at the door” in the “In case of absence” section of the delivery form, the delivery person will follow these instructions and leave the parcel at their door. Bergamotte cannot, therefore, be held responsible if the plant that was delivered is damaged or missing. The recipient can also provide delivery instructions to our delivery partners (Hermes or DHL) the day before delivery. As long as the recipient's email address has been entered correctly, they will receive a message that enables them to do this by clicking on “provide instructions”: 1 - Pick up order at a pick-up location: The recipient can choose from several different pick-up locations. Once the parcel has been delivered, it will be available at the post office/DHL office or other pick-up location for 7 working days. If the recipient does not pick up the parcel within this time period, the parcel will be destroyed, and the order will be considered as cancelled and is not eligible for a refund. 2 - Safe place: It is sometimes possible to request that the parcel be left in a safe place, selected by the recipient (at the doorstep, with a neighbour, etc.) The delivery person will follow these instructions. Bergamotte can therefore not be held responsible if the parcel is damaged or missing. 3 - Reschedule the delivery: the recipient can request that the delivery be rescheduled for another date. Rescheduling the delivery is not organized by Bergamotte. We do not recommend this option, as it can affect the freshness of your plant, for which Bergamotte can not be held responsible. 4 - If no instructions have been left and the recipient is absent or cannot be reached (via the intercom or by telephone), the delivery person may: - Leave the parcel at a pick-up location: The delivery person will drop off the parcel at a pick-up location in the 24h following the missed delivery. Once the parcel has been dropped off, it is no longer possible to make another delivery attempt. If the recipient does not pick up the parcel within the applicable time period (within 7 days) the parcel will be destroyed, and the order will be considered as cancelled and is not eligible for a refund. - Return the parcel to the DHL/Hermes office: The delivery person will return the parcel to the office of the delivery provider. In this case, it is possible to provide instructions for the parcel (drop off the parcel to a pick-up location, attempt another delivery at the same address, deliver to a different address, etc.) These instructions will be carried out the following day at no additional cost.

What should I do if there is a problem with the parcel or my plant?

1 - If the parcel is damaged: Immediately check the condition of the plants inside. If they are damaged, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. Be sure to have your order number on hand. It is essential to take a photo of the parcel (with the delivery label visible) as well as its contents as soon as you receive it, so we can see the extent of the damage and determine its cause. If the items are damaged, and the claim has been made in the 24 hours following the delivery, we will offer compensation in line with the extent of damage that has occurred. 2 - If the plant that you have received is different from the one you ordered: Contact our customer service team and provide your order number and a photo of the package contents. If a mistake has been made, we will provide compensation as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to save my delivery addresses?

Of course! When you place an order, you can save the delivery address that you have entered. As long as you are connected to your account, you can then use this address for future orders without re-entering it.

Can I send plants to other countries?

You can also send plants and bouquets to any location in France. To do so, feel free to visit www.bergamotte.com !