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About Us
From production to delivery, our team works hard to provide a unique, personalised experience with every order
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Our Farmers

Whether in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark or Andalusia, all of our farmers have something in common: a passion for growing exceptional plants. We travel through Europe to seek out the best of the best for our collections, making sure that each plant meets our quality standards. This way, we ensure transparency while offering our customers the highest-quality plants available.

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A network of amazing partners who share our values: quality, freshness, affordable prices, and an exceptional customer experience.

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Our Experts

Our workshop team is made up of dozens of talented young professionals who have chosen the world of plants as their creative outlet. These horticultural experts are always on the lookout for the most beautiful varieties of plants for our collections, and each plant is cared for by our teams before being sent off to its new home.

Our Team

Our Team

Vibrant, curious, and dynamic: these are just a few adjectives to describe our amazing and ever-growing team. Designers, developers, finance and marketing experts... our team is made up of talented professionals from a wide variety of different fields, each bringing their own unique skills and expertise to our company.

We have a dozen horticultural experts to select the healthiest and happiest plants, around twenty plant enthusiasts to offer top-quality customer service, and hundreds of couriers to deliver your orders!

Our Delivery Partners

We have chosen exceptional delivery partners to ensure that your new leafy housemates, birthday presents or housewarming gifts reach their destinations in record time. Just like us, they are dedicated to constantly improving their service, optimizing their routes to ensure the quickest possible deliveries.